What are the salient features of PM’s Youth Business Loan?
Who can apply under this Scheme?
Where can I get loan application form?
What if the amount of financing required by the business is more than the loan limit specified in this Scheme?
If I select a feasibility developed by SMEDA, but require less funding than what is advised in that feasibility?
What documents should I submit with my loan application form?
What is the monthly installment of loan?
Where can I submit loan application?
Is there any educational qualification requirement for obtaining Loan?
Is there any last date for loan application?
What is the criteria for guarantor?
What is net worth?
Can guarantor be Blood Relative of the applicant?
When does the first Loan installment become due?
What steps are involved in application processing?
What if my name is not included in the list of successful loan applicants?
Who will inform me about the approval status of my application?
What if my loan application is rejected by the bank? How can ‘rejects’ fulfill their ‘shortcomings’?
What if I have a problem in my business?
What will be penalty on delays in repayments or if I am unable to payback the loan?
Is there any limit on number of loans for particular sector or geographical area?
How much time is required for processing the loan?
Can I get loan for existing Business?
Is there any option for early retirement of loan?
Are balloon payments allowed?
Can I get this loan if I am a Bank defaulter?
If I am a Woman, can I apply for loan from NBP?
I want to do a business which requires Rs. 5 Million. I can arrange Rs 3 million from private source. Since I am short of Rs. 2 million, can I also apply for Rs. 2 million loan under the scheme?