Grant of Fertilizer Dealership

NFML dealership is required for carrying out Imported Urea business. The procedure for grant of dealership is as under:


  • Application to General Manager (Marketing)/Regional Manager concerned alongwith copy of CNIC for the grant of dealership

  • NFML Marketing Officer conducts survey to assess the suitability for dealership as per request by applicant.

  • If the survey is approved by the competent authority, then applicant is required to complete the following formalities.

    1. Dealership form duly filled up & signed by the applicant.

    2. Agreement on Stamp Paper of Rs.100/-

    3. Undertaking on Stamp Paper of Rs.20/-

    4. Copy of CNIC.

    5. 4 copies of passport size photographs of the owner.

    6. 2 photographs of shop.

    7. 2 photographs of Godown.

    8. Bank Certificate.

    9. NTN certificate.

    10. Refundable security deposit of amount Rs.300, 000 in the shape of Pay Order/ Demand Draft in the name of “NATIONAL FERTILIZER MARKETING LIMITED” payable at Lahore.

  • After approval of the competent authority, appointment letter alongwith dealership certificate is issued which is displayed by dealer at his shop.

  • Dealers are entitled for fertilizer booking facility according to NFML policy.

  • As per current policy, Dealers are allowed to lift fertilizer against their security deposit upto Rs.280,000 and the balance amount of Rs.20,000 is kept with NFML as a security.

  • Refund of Security Deposit

    Security deposit amount is refunded after cancellation on request as per company policy.