Brief History

National Fertilizer Marketing Limited (NFML) was established in 1976  as Public Limited Company (unlisted), as a subsidiary of National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC) under the administrative control of Ministry of Industries & Production, Government of Pakistan.

The Company was solely responsible for marketing of entire fertilizer production of 2 million Metric Tons of  NFC plants.

NFML also established a technical department to provide technical services to farming community. The agronomic services and advice offered to the farming community in the past has played a vital role to promote and popularize the use of fertilizers in the country.

As per privatization policy of Government of Pakistan, all production plants of NFC have been privatized by the Privatization Commission.

Sr.No Production Plant Product Capacity (M.tons) Year of Operations Date of Privatization
1 Pak-China Fertilizers, Haripur UREA 95,700 1980 25.05.1992
2 Paksaudi Fertilizers, Mirpur Mathelo UREA 557,000 1980 31.05.2002
3 Pakarab Fertilizers, Multan UREA 92,400 1980 14.07.2005
CAN 450,000 1980 14.07.2005
NP 304,500 1980 14.07.2005
4 Pak-American Fertilizers, Daudkhel UREA 346,500 1999 15.07.2006
5 Lyallpur Chemicals, Jaranwala SSP (P) 72,000 1976 09.02.2007
6 Hazara Phosphate, Haripur SSP (G) 90,000 1990 28.11.2008
Total 2,008,100 ********************


However, since 2008, after privatization of all NFC production plants, Government tasked NFML exclusively to sell imported Urea across the country at uniform price  in order to ensure availability of fertilizers to farmers at right time.

Since then, the Company is performing the challenging task of selling imported Urea in far flung areas of the country through its country-wide dealers network.