Distribution Operation

Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) is responsible for import of Urea fertilizer as and when required to fill demand and supply gap across the country.

TCP hands over fertilizer at the port and then NFML makes arrangements for its transportation to  Warehouses through approved Cartage Contractors as well as Pakistan Railways.


NFML has established warehouses for the storage of fertilizers by constructing the following permanent Stores which are  connected with the network of Pakistan Railways.

Sr.No Permanent Store District Storage Capacity (M.Tons)
1 Kissan Okara 32000
2 Eminabad Gujranwala 25000
3 Jhang Jhang 25000
5 Lodhran Lodhran 7000
4 Risalpur Noshehra 13000
6 Shahdadpur Sanghar 13000

The Company also hires temporary Stores at strategic locations across the country as and when required to ensure availability of fertilizers at farmers doorstep.

Marketing Operation

NFML has established four Regional Offices headed by Regional Manager to handle the sale operation of fertilizer.  Regional Managers through Marketing Officers manage the sale in their respective areas of operation through dealers network. 

Sr.No Region
1 Lahore (Including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
2 Jhang
3 Lodhran
4 Shahdadpur (Sindh & Balochistan)